The Huzzah! Helm gaming club trophy announced

The Huzzah! organizers have sent along details of their Huzzah! Helm club competition. From their announcement:
The Maine Historical Wargamers Association is pleased to announce the Huzzah! Helm. This is a participation prize to be awarded to the New England wargaming club that does the most to support the Huzzah! convention. The winning club will have their name engraved on a plate of the helmet, and will take possession of the helmet for one year, until the next Huzzah! convention winner takes the helmet. Richard Claydon of Boston Trained Bands, when he heard about the idea several months ago, offered to obtain a helmet for us and has not only procured a superb lobster pot style helmet, but has also built a stand for the helmet. Pictures can be seen at the MHWA forum and Huzzah! convention web site. How does your club win? Points will be awarded to each club in the following categories:
  • Each registered attendee
  • Each game run by one of your game masters
  • Winner of a Huzzah! Battle Honour (Best Game of a session)
  • Winner of the Shipyard Best of Show (Best Game of the convention)
  • Painting contest winners
  • Distance from club meeting place to Huzzah!
To be eligible, you club must have a name, membership (does not have to be a paid membership), regularly scheduled games (once a week, a month- whatever, so long as you meet at least six times a year), and generally be recognizable as a group. So which club will win the Huzzah! Helm for the first annual Huzzah! historical wargaming convention for New England? Why not yours? Get the word out, fill a car, and travel to Maine for a great weekend of gaming. Go home with memories, prizes, and take possession of the Huzzah! Helm for the year. One week till pre-reg closes. Dont wait any longer. Email me with questions, Huzzah! April 30-May 2nd, 2010 Portland, ME