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The Houseless Hills are Building, Talking, Playing

The Houseless Hills have released Building, Talking, Playing, their simplified version of The Bleake Rebellion.

Building Talking Playing


From the release:

Building, Talking, Playing is a stripped down version of Bleake Rebellion, a game about rebels fighting the corrupt authorities that rule their city. What makes both games stand out is the method that players use to resolve challenges and the focus on the characters inner feelings and motivations. Players vote for a particular outcome by placing coloured beads into a bag. The player who is facing the challenge draws some of those beads and reads what he has drawn as the result of his challenge. This allows for the players to influence how the game progresses while still keeping a degree of randomness and unpredictability that many players enjoy.

Instead of asking "How do you do that?" Building, Talking, Playing asks "Why do you do that?". It rewards you for making choices that match your character's personality and leaves how you achieve your goals as a narrative choice. By playing your character true their personality, by allowing their inner motives to direct the choices they make, you are giving greater freedom in how you both draw and read the outcomes for the challenges you face.

Building, Talking, Playing is designed for short games. Most games will only last three to six sessions and the odds are against you. It is likely that at least some, and maybe even all, of the players will lose their characters. The good news is that, you always get to choose how and when this happens. You can die a hero, be driven to grief and despair, flee in shame, turn traitor, leave to be with your beloved, and much more. The choice is yours

It is a low fantasy game about rebels trying to overthrow the corrupt authorities that rule their city. This new release has been made to let readers try out a simpler version of the game for free or at a price that they want to pay. The PDF is 53 pages long (4.39 mb) and contains all the basic rules you need to play Bleake Rebellion. There is interior black and white artwork evocative of the setting and ready made characters so you can begin playing as soon as you are ready.

This release is made for three to six players. Both it and Building, Talking, Playing are suited to short games, are story focused, and place your character's inner feelings and motivations at the heart of game.