The Hopeless Gamer Gen Con coverage and contest

The Hopeless Gamer will be posting news from Gen Con 2010 and will be having a give-away for readers.

From their announcement:

The Hopeless Gamer is getting geared up for our Gencon coverage and want to help you get geared up for the tabletop.

The fine folks at Q-Workshop have given us a hand and donated three of their premium dice sets to give away to our readers. We’ve got the Forest, the Celtic, and the Classic Runic sets. What does this have to do to with Gencon?

While we’ll have interviews and longer stories following the big show, as Gencon is going on, we’ll also be posting live from the floor of the convention. When we take a picture of an awesome new board game or miniature, we’ll send it directly to the blog in real time for your consumption.

Three times this weekend we’ll announce a one-hour window for you to email us at to enter for a chance to win one of the dice sets. It could be 10:09 AM or 5:43 P.M. – if the convention hall is open, so is the possibility for us to post one of the dice sets up for grabs. Please visit our site for more details.