The Hopeless Gamer Gen Con Contest

The Hopeless Gamer is giving away some Gen Con swag.

From their announcement:

This year we decided that the official swag bag at Gencon was quite lame. In an effort to boost the image of Gencon’s free stuff, The Hopeless Gamer has gathered some actually cool free stuff to give away to one of our readers.

Come see the blog for the details and the actual prize package, but here’s the details and rules for entering the contest:
Leave a comment on the blogpost saying you want to enter. Wait? That’s it? Ok, yes, that’s it. Just head over to The Hopeless Gamer and leave a reply on the contest post before Noon this Friday the 13th to enter.

Keep checking back to The Hopeless Gamer in the coming weeks for more pictures, reviews, and interviews all related to the blur that was Gencon 2010.