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The Halls of Hallow Hill adventure now available

New Realms Publishing has released their new fantasy adventure, The Halls of Hallow Hill.


From the release:

Gather your party and prepare your gear for an expedition into the depths of Hollow Hill. For decades, tales have been told of tunnels and chambers that wind through the dark depths of the hill, of lost treasures and horrific monsters. Now it is your turn to test your skill and courage against the dangers that lurk within the hill. Will you return with wealth and tales of your wondrous adventures, or fall amid the dust and bones of those that went before?

Brought to you by New Realms Publishing, The Halls of Hollow Hill details a dungeon adventure site for characters of 2nd to 4th level. Based on “The Horror of Hollow Hill” adventure included in the Ogres and Underworlds Primer Pack, The Halls of Hollow Hill has been written with stats for Labyrinth Lord, but can be used with most OSR games.

Visit The Halls of Hollow Hill product page for more information.