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The Grizzled: At Your Orders Coming Later This Year

Last year CMON Inc. brought us the English version of The Grizzled, a WWI-themed card game of squad survival. It's right in my wheelhouse for favorite types of games, as it's quick to set up and play, has some cool artwork, and the theme being WWI I really like. Well, now I'm going to be able to get even more, as CMON Inc will be publishing the expansion, At Your Orders, for US audiences.


This new set, originally published by Sweet Games, adds in several new options for play. Starting off, there's 1 and 2 player variants. You also get cardboard cut-outs of the solders in The Grizzled. There's also new missions which can dictate specific resolution conditions. Added to that, players might be forced to make a Last Stand or Final Assault, where the game will certainly come to an end, in victory or not!

Expect to see The Grizzled: At Your Orders on store shelves later this year.