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The Golden D6 Online Hobby Magazine Issue Nine Released

In the next week, a lot of us are going to spend time with family. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't interact with your next of kin, but let's face it, sometimes you need to get away and take a breather from Aunt Ruthie or Cousin Dwayne. Thankfully, you can find a quiet corner and grab a gaming magazine to help spend the time. Thankfully, The Golden D6 has issue 9 of their publication freshly available.

So, what can you expect in these pages? There's a review of Dragon Rampant, a guide on painting Iron Man, an engaging article about painting busts, a look at the Armies on Parade-winning Tau army, a Hordes battle report, and much, much more. You can even find out about keeping reindeer and what to do if you overdose on chocolate.

You can pick up your copy now.