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The Golden D6 Issue 6 Now Available

Just jumping into a painting/modelling project and going at it can be a good way to up your skills. However, if you never learn about new or different techniques, you might continue along as you always have and become stagnant in your abilities. That's where a good tutorial can come in. You're given step-by-step instructions about a process you might not have known about before, and as such, your hobby knowledge can grow rather quickly. The folks over at The Golden D6 think it's good, anyway, and they've filled up the 6th issue of their magazine with new tutorials. You can get your copy now.

What sort of tutorials will you find? Well, there's as diverse of topics as creating tokens, or maintaining an airbrush, or dungeon-themed display bases, or painting German tanks in Flames of War, or painting Iron Warriors, or a bunch of other things. They touch on most aspects of the hobby, as you can see. This isn't an issue to miss if you're a do-it-yourself-er.