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The Golden D6 Issue 11 Now Available

Filling up your day with all things gaming is pretty easy to do. There's the multitude of websites, game shops, and magazines that you can basically be looking at gaming info from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. To add in there, the latest issue of The Golden D6 is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

From the release:

The Golden D6 Issue #11
• A painting tutorial by Chris at Nightshade Miniatures
• Ancient Vaako from Khorne's Eternal Hunt
• Our cover feature on the Iron Snakes from Marc
• A T.N.T warband and background from Matt
• Detail Painting Deathguard from Adpaint
• Medieval Huts from Oakbound Studio
• Frostgrave terrain tutorials from
• Malifaux Sky Pirates from Sean
• Kings of War Drakon Rider conversions from Pawel at Path of an Outcast