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The Generals take to the field of Waterloo

Grand Manoeuvre knows an army isn't nearly as effective if you don't have good, top leadership. So they've added new general paper miniatures to their line. Now you can have Wellington and Napoleon, among others, actually on the battlefield with their armies.


From the announcement:

I`ve just uploaded the pack of 1815 Waterloo Generals Pack to compliment Grand Manoeuvre`s range of paper armies for the battle.

The pack contains; nine files of French, British and Prussian brigade, divisional, corps and army generals and a file of six very useful A.D.C`s too.

The personalities in the pack include: Napoleon (mounted or on foot), Ney, Wellington, Hill, Picton, The Prince of Orange, Blucher, and The Duke of Brunswick.

The price is £2.50 (exclusive of VAT)

Later on this pack will be replaced packs of Generals and logistic accessories like ammunition caissons, baggage, pontoons, etc. for each of the nations` paper armies.