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The Gamma Team Comes to The Others: 7 Sins

The Sins find it fairly easy to corrupt individuals. Let's face it, everyone wants just a bit more power in their lives. As such, F.A.I.T.H. needs more than just their Alpha Team in order to keep the Sins in check (as much as they can, anyway). That's where the Gamma Team comes in. Just don't call them "only backup."

Gamma Team

The Gamma Team counts with 5 heroes, including a Leader, a Bruiser, a Sniper, and two Fixers. It's a $30 add-on that you can put with your pledge. And it seems as though a lot of you were pretty excited to swell the ranks and fight the growing Sin menace, as the campaign has made it over a pretty major stretch goal. The Sin of Lust will now be part of the base pledge. Now to unlock some alternate sculpts for them.

Still 22 days left to go.