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The Games Collective tells us about Awaken

The Games Collective has been working on their new RPG, Awaken, and wanted to give a bit more information about it.


From the update:

The Games Collective is proud to announce their upcoming Kickstarter project, "Awaken", a new roleplaying game set in fantasy world where lurking terrors and political struggle gave birth to a new species; Vasalli.

More than humans, these powerful beings gifted with special abilities are trying to find their place in the society while searching for their origins. In the game, the players assume the roles of powerful beings named Vasalli. Born as ordinary humans, at some point their lives change as they go through the Awakening. Awakened Vasalli have extraordinary capabilities and powers, which earn them social prestige and interest of the ruthless politicians.
Clueless about their origins, in the harsh world where humanity is threatened by the dark forces, Vasalli are expected to be the defenders of the same society which either fears or reveres them.

From the underground Vargan terror, over the Wild Colossi roaming in the wild, to the secret organisations and various cults, there are dangers everywhere.
The game is set in a fantasy world filled with wonders, rich and diverse, filled with civilisational achievements and remnants of the mythical past, allowing the players to explore distinct locations and discover the true nature of the Vasalli and even the mythical origins of the humanity itself.

Because of the flexible game system, adventures in the „Awaken“ can vary widely in length. Whether you play short quest as Vasalli inhabitants of the harsh northern cities, or begin a campaign that stretches from the personal Awakening to the discovery of the Alliance scale conspiracy, every scenario can be different and exciting.

The system is designed to emphasize narration and story flow, forgoing unnecessary rolls in favor of player creativity. When needed, the common six sided dice are rolled, their number depending on the degree of the skill development. The characters progress with the story; the players develop their skills by applying them and can see their alter egos growing through the game.

The Games Collective hopes to begin the crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter during the next year. For more information visit their website, connect to their Facebook page and stay tuned for more information, artwork and upcoming developer's blog!