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The Gamers: The Shadow Menace Up On Kickstarter

The gaming shop that I will always consider my "second home" is The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles in Missouri. It was there that I really cut my gaming teeth there. It's where I bought my first packs of gaming cards (first Magic, then NetRunner) and learned to play minis games. In one corner, they had a continual loop of the original The Gamers playing. I must've watched that a thousand times. Well, the boys (or should I say, gentlemen) are back and up on Kickstarter looking to create the next part of The Gamers saga.

This campaign is looking to fund a 45 minute pilot episode of a new The Gamers series. It will pick up after where the first movie left off. (Spoilers for a movie that's over a decade old) At the end of the original, the characters are left stuck in the real world. Having killed the players and DM from the original group, they feel lost and without purpose in a strange land. However, a new group has found the original GM notes and character sheets and is going to continue the game.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now, but with only 9 days left to make it to their funding goal.
And, yeah, this probably could've been a snippet, since it's not an actual game or something, but The Gamers is just so iconic and a part of my, personal, gaming life, that I wanted to give it a spot of its own. :P