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The Gamer’s Guide to the Military is now a PDF

Quick and Easy Games is working to update their catalog to electronic form. Their most recent is The Gamer's Guide to the Military.



From the update:

As part of their efforts to get the entire Quick and Easy Games catalog into the 21st century, they now offer The Gamer’s Guide to The Military as a PDF download.

To be honest, they probably should have done this sooner. After all, this book has been their best seller so far and is the inspiration to the upcoming Writer’s Guide to Adventurous Professions (soon to be released by Sky Warrior Books). It’s been through one reprint already and is quite a hit. Gamers use it to get inspiration in the realms of strategy and tactics, to best their opponents on the game table. Cosplayers have held it up as a resource for military insignia and to give depth to their characters. And writers have used it for insight into how the military world really works. History, culture, and Army and Navy traditions are given in a straight forward style in this highly useful book.