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The GameMaster's Apprentice cards up on Kickstarter

The GameMaster's Apprentice is a deck of cards designed to help any DM create new NPCs, plot hooks and more with just a quick shuffle.

Game Masters Apprentice


From the campaign:

This is a deck of 60 double-sided cards (so, 120 unique card faces) meant to help design and run adventures for role playing games of all kinds.

It is...
1. A source of idea-sparking suggestions, snippets, and randomizers!
2. System-neutral: Crunchy and roll-heavy to narrative and diceless!
3. Setting-neutral: Modern, fantasy, high science, pulp...
4. Multi-purpose. Plan adventures or generate complex NPCs ahead of time, or fill in the gaps during play!
5. For groups of any size, including solo-games with no GM!