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The Galaxy's Most Wanted, Part One

Fantasy Flight Games gives us a first look inside the Most Wanted expansion pack for the X-Wing Miniatures game.

Most Wanted


From the website:

Recently, we kicked off our previews of the sixth wave of X-Wing™ expansion packs with a look at its different upgrades, which go a long way toward providing the Scum and Villainy faction with its own, distinctive personality. Its ships don’t permit quite the same swarms or nimble, high-risk piloting as the Empire’s, nor do they work quite as well in formation as the rugged and resilient ships that the Rebellion’s squad leaders most often favor. Instead, the galaxy’s Scum operate best when its squadrons’ individual pilots are left to their own devices and given license to purchase the deadliest and dirtiest upgrades available on the black market.

This generalization holds true even when we look at what the Most Wanted Expansion Pack offers the faction as it reintroduces two of the game’s pre-existing starfighters, repainted and re-outfitted to better suit the faction’s self-centered aces.