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The Galacticon is Now Available from Oddman Productions

Oddman Productions has released their heroes and villains guide for the Fantastic Worlds gaming system and have titled it The Galacticon.

From the announcement:

Our first release at Oddman Productions is available now! Entitled The Galacticon, the book is a collection of heroes, villains and creatures to use in your Fantastic Worlds games. We run the gamut between 'sword and planet' type characters and 'raygun and jetbike' type characters. Each of the entries comes with several paragraphs of back story as well as a full supporting cast for the character. Also included is a variety of creatures to use in your games.

Plus, to celebrate the 'rebirth' of Fantastic Worlds we are offering 20% off of the PDFs of the core rules as well as Planet X through the month of June. Use the coupon code 'yesteryear' to automatically receive the discount.

In further news, our next release will be 'Burners - Jetbike Racing in the 25th Century'. We are hard at work on it and will be posting new photos here soon of our playtesting sessions.