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The Future of Dark Age and Wrath of Kings Panel At CMON Expo

There are many awesome things about the CMON Expo. Getting information about future games and game releases from the panels is one of them. The first panel here today is being given by Dave Taylor about future releases for the miniatures games Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. So, let's dive in.


Here on the panel, from right to left is Dave Taylor (marketing coordinator for miniatures), Michael Shinall (senior developer), and Bryan Steele (game development).

Wrath of Kings

Starting out right quick, we've got a look at the cover for Book 2 for Wrath of Kings. This book (which they're still working on the name) will have new infantry, specialists, and heroes. Not every faction will get the same spread of items, but everyone will be getting the same amount of releases. For example, one might get an extra infantry release, while another might get an extra specialist release. The book will have a reprinting of the rules with minor wording fixes (nothing major. Just a "clean up" of the rules). The book is expected for a Gen Con release (so we'll hopefully see you at that show!).

The stat cards will also be available online when the book is released.

Also getting prepped for Gen Con is a Wrath of Kings Card Pack. It will have all the stat cards in the game, plus extra cards that will cover the basic motivations and objectives. A couple stat cards will also get a wording clean-up as well as a few "quality of life" changes for certain models.


There will be six releases for each faction (totaling 30 new releases). The first several of these releases are already available as of this month.

The next releases will be in August/September and include one box for Goritsi, and two boxes for Hadross and Shael Han.

These are the Pit Fighters. They're an expansion of the Carcharians forces, but full of all sorts of "dirty tricks."

Following Gen Con, there will be a rotating schedule of two boxes per month, so in a 3-month period, everyone will get something.

These above we have the Celestials. Shael Han is summoning these fellows in. It's a Zodiac-inspired force.

In terms of organized play, there will be a Wrath of Kings campaign coming later this year. From there on, they hope to have a Campaign each year, with possible tie-ins to what will be coming in future books. The Campaign will be giving you the chance to use character-versions of the generic specialists for the different factions. Then, as you play, that character will be able to level up, being able to become higher rank characters, gaining special, new abilities that you can choose from, so no two player's characters will always end up the same.

There are also two Organized Play Packs that are being finalized. They will have such things as promo minis, special art postcards, pins, tokens, objective markers, and possibly other cool items like that.

Another thing in the works is expanding the environmental feel of the game. There will be more art pieces showing off various cities and the lands of Arikania. Along with that, they are looking into coming out with official terrain for the game.

Dark Age

The crew has been working on making sure you have the most up-to-date rules and using figures that are well-balanced. As such, there have been times where new units have been added or tweaked, but it never really felt like a new Faction Book was necessary. For such times, there will be Web Updates. These updates will include things like:
• A combined Faction Document/Cards PDF
• A new Faction Background PDF
• A set of printed Faction Cards (to replace the existing set)

The first of these updates will be the Kukulkani.

The story of these guys have evolved over the time they've been around. They're terraforming part of Samaria to look more like their home planet. There will be expanded story of this group showing, among other things, that there's another religion within the faction. The new units will show the adapting nature of the faction.

The next full book will be for the Dragyri. This will have all of the sub-factions within it. Like other faction books, models will be getting an update in rules as well.
New rule for the Dragyri: When you build a Dragyri list, you must pick a sub-faction. But you get points so that you can take other sub-faction models along with it. So there'll be a bit of a mixing going on.
It will also have an all-new subfaction: The Shadow Caste!
These guys have been quietly altering the fates of people on Samaria for a long time, but now they're taking a more direct role in events.
The Shadow Caste has a strong focus on subterfuge and taking over enemy units. Their "puppeteer" status will come to the fore in the game.
They also have "murder elementals" and "shadow elementals."


This set of releases will also include some resculpts of some of the older models from the line.

Also in the works is a 2-player Starter Set. This will pit the Ice Caste versus St. Isaac. These forces will be 500 points each. There will be punch-out terrain, a special scenario, some D20s, and the models... in plastic! The Ice Caste figures will be new sculpts. It will cost in the neighborhood of $60-$70.

BoxCover DarkAgeFinal2

Other upcoming releases are token and other sets from Warsenal specifically for Dark Age.

There's two different organized play packs for Dark Age. They will be available for local gaming stores. They will have cool things to be used as prizes for tourneys, campaigns, and leagues. Like with Wrath of Kings, it will have things like promo minis, pins, tokens, objective markers, and possibly other goodies (specifics still being ironed out).

And there we have it. Hope you liked that look at what's coming out for CoolMiniOrNot's miniatures games, Wrath of Kings and Dark Age.