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The Frost Dragon Chills out Arcadia Quest

All this heat!
Can't we do anything to down this Inferno!
*gets hit with a freezing cold blast from the Frost Dragon*
... Thank you!
Yeah, this is one I've been anxious to talk about for a while. Arcadia Quest is getting itself a new super-boss monster in the form of the Frost Dragon expansion, now available as an add-on as part of the Inferno Kickstarter campaign.

The Frost Dragon expansion is designed to be played after you complete a regular Arcadia Quest campaign. So your guild members will have all the best gear and upgrades. Then, they'll have a pick of some new Level 6 upgrade cards to bid on as well, with the budget based on how many medals you got while playing the aforementioned campaign (so you'll want to do well if you want the best stuff).

The fight against the dragon is a two-part experience. In the first part, the dragon is soaring over the city, breathing his icy breath over everything that moves. The heroes must bring it down via shooting large nets up into the air. Of course, the dragon's not gonna be happy about this and will swoop down to attack. If the heroes do manage to land the dragon, then the tough part really begins. This fight doesn't have any PvP Quest Cards, it's everyone vs the dragon! It's a race to defeat the dragon before the dragon has wrecked too much of the city. It's not going to be easy, as the dragon has all sorts of special attacks that it will unleash.

The Frost Dragon Expansion Pack comes with:
* 1 Dragon figure
* 1 double-sided Tile
* 24 Level 6 Upgrade cards
* 2 Relic cards
* 14 Dragonstone cards
* 24 Dragon Turn cards
* 20 Frost tokens
* 2 Dragon Monster cards (tarot-sized!)
* 1 Rulebook/Campaign book
* 1 Dragon power card

The Arcadia Quest Inferno campaign is still going strong with 20 days left on the clock.