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The Frenzy Goes On

Mantic knows a frenzy is hard to bring to an end and so they've added more Frenzy levels to their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We’ve had a few requests from potential backers enquiring about Frenzy. We actually sold out of Frenzy a good 10 hours before the midnight deadline, and it’s fair to say that a few people were disappointed…

So in true Mantic fashion we’re bringing it back!

We couldn’t do it at the same price because that would be unfair to the Frenzy backers who gobbled up the last ones, but the new one is exactly the same deal: all of the stretch goals and a great selection of add-ons in a very simple one-click purchase!

Just 50 of the new Limited Edition 2 Frenzy packages ($385) are available, so if you want one, they’re there for the taking.

Remember guys, the more the total goes up, the more everyone gets – and if it means unlocking those two Season 6 teams, everyone benefits!