The Force is just like Duck Tape

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Sep 12th, 2014

Fantasy Flight Games has released the beta version of their Force And Destiny rulebook for the Star Wars RPG over on their website.

Force and Destiny Beta


From the website:

Use the Force, but use it wisely.

In the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Roleplaying Game, you become one of the galaxy’s few remaining Force users – one of the few individuals capable of reaching out and touching the power that shares the fate of the galaxy. You will be hunted by the Empire and mistrusted by wary individuals who think of Jedi as the forgotten followers of a hokey religion. You will be forced to draw upon the Force to defend yourself and the lives of innocents. And you will be tempted by the dark side.

Will you be able to withstand the dark side and its lures? Will you fulfill your destiny and help to reestablish the Jedi Order? The time has come to master your feelings. The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Beta rulebook is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Pick up your copy today, and then contribute your feedback to help make Force and Destiny the best possible roleplaying experience for Force users in the Star Wars galaxy.

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  • jedijon

    HVAC professionals say duct.

  • thetang22

    It’s usually good for a chuckle when people call duct tape “duck tape”.

    • Soulfinger

      Especially if they just tied you to a chair with it and have a gun to your temple. “Man, that hitman just called it ‘duck tape.’ I bet he’s going to roll my body down a ‘heel’ into a ‘crick,’ and then go drink some ‘meelk.’ Yokel!”

  • KelRiever

    Duct Tape is Duck Tape and visa versa 🙂

    • And being an historian by trade, obviously I’d go with the term used originally when it was created during WWII. 😉