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The Fiver With the makers of Fujian Trader

The Meeple Mechanic has another installment of The Fiver, where they talk with game designers about their projects up on Kickstarter. This time it's a twofer with Sari Gilbert and Robert Batchelor talking about Fujian Trader.


From the post:

Hi. My name is Sari Gilbert. I am originally from California, but I now live in Savannah, Georgia. I am a professor at the Savannah College of Art & Design in the department of Interactive and Game Design. I have been building educational games and entertainment for over twenty years. I started as the producer and designer of the JumpStart titles, and was a Senior Producer at Disney Online. I have a book coming out in June with Focal Press titled “”Designing Gamified Systems: Meaningful Play in Interactive Entertainment, Marketing and Education.””

Hi. My name is Robert Batchelor, and I am a historian whose work focuses on the history of East Asia and its influences on 17th century Europe. I am known for re-discovering the Selden Map of China, a treasure of the Bodleian Library. I am also the author of the book London: The Selden Map and the Making of a Global City, 1549-1689, published by University of Chicago Press. I am currently an associate professor of history at Georgia Southern University.

We have been working for the past four years on Fujian Trader, a victory point strategy game based upon the Selden Map. In the game players take on the role of merchant Chinese trading families in the year 1620 with the goal of gaining enough influence by participating in trade along the trade routes defined in the map.

The game is a gateway game for 3-5 players and takes approximately two hours to play. It has gotten excellent reviews, and we hope to share it with as many players around the world as possible. We are currently running our Kickstarter and would love more than anything to share it with as many people as possible.