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The Fiver with Matt Riddle about Floating Market

The Meeple Mechanic posted another installment of The Fiver, where they ask five questions to a game designer. This time it's Matt Riddle about his Floating Market game that's currently up on Kickstarter. Get some background on Matt and some insight into designing the game.


From the post:

Hi! My name is Matt Riddle. I am a geek, dork, daddy, hubby, sneaky athletic for a fat guy, engineer, game designer, video game nerd, sports fan, board gamer, and foodie in no particular order.

Floating Market is a worker placement and polyhedral dice speculation game. Floating Market is a game about collecting fruit from the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market of Thailand. Players are grandchildren trying to collect fruit for their Ama and get the first bowl of fruit salad.

Players are vying to be the first to collect FIVE different pieces of fruit. Players each have three meeples which they will be assigning to fruit boats (collect fruit) and to buildings (receive special bonuses). Each player will also add a polyhedral die to the Dice Pool each round in an attempt to influence the die roll that determines which fruit boat will give out fruit. The buildings – and the die selected – influence the outcome and provide bonuses. The conclusion of each round is the current start player rolling whatever dice ended up in the dice pool and the total value of that roll determines which fruit boat hands out fruit.

I design with my design partner Ben Pinchback. We are the designers of Fleet (BGG top 500), Eggs and Empires,and the 2015 releases Floating Market, Monster Truck Mayhem, and Fleet: Wharfside.