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The Feminomicon Up On Kickstarter Now

There have been plenty of mythological women from all around the world. Stories of creatures like harpies and gorgons and such are widespread. While researching a different book, author Christopher Stoll kept coming across these stories. Well, he's decided to put them together into one book that DMs and GMs can use for their RPGs. That book is the Feminomicon and it's up on Kickstarter now.

The final book will be 150 pages long, filled with large art pieces depicting dozens of these creatures. The writing style is done in a Lovecraftian style and brings back to live many creatures, gods, and spirits that had been not seen as often in publications.

One small note: some of the art might be a little risque for work. So be cautious before you click through.

The campaign is running now and is set to do so for another 31 days.