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The Fall of Hispania Board Game Up On Verkami

"If you're such a goth, where were you when we sacked Rome!?" Well, we're not quite to the sacking of Rome yet, but it is certainly the final part of the Roman Empire that we find ourselves in The Fall of Hispania. Tribes like the Vaandals, Suebis, Alans, and Visigoths are looking to take over the Iberian Peninsula. Standing in their way is the Roman Legion. Who will win? That's up to you to decide. The game is up on Verkami now.

About the game:

In the year 406 A.D. thousands of Barbarians crossed the Rhine River into the Western Roman Empire. A short time later, Vandals, Suebis, Alans and Visigoths entered the Iberian peninsula occupying much of Hispania. However, the Empire would not so easily renounce the diocese of Hispania ...


THE FALL OF HISPANIA is a strategic board game set on the Iberian Peninsula during the last century of Roman administration. Up to four players will dispute the dominion of Hispania throughout ten rounds of the game.

The game is a simple wargame using resource management and diplomacy giving it a touch of Eurogame with some resemblance to the popular "Britannia".

The game's around 2/3 funded with still 22 days on the clock.