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The Fall 2012 Sale of the Kalidasia Product Line

Legends of Kalidasia is having themselves a sale in honor of our new season that is upon us.

From the sales sheet:

With the summer convention season over, I have a little bit of extra inventory to sell of at a reduced price. Starter sets, bundles, and figure box sets have been reduced by 20 to 33 percent. Below is a list of the sale items:

Rise of the Surakari Deluxe Box Set with Admiral Rules Pack – $40
Rise of the Surakari Battle Kit with Admiral Rules Pack – $25
Surakari Combat Force Figure Set – $30
Heragul Combat Force Figure Set – $30
Hand Painted Star Map – $30
Defenders of the Empire Bundle – $60
Alien Invaders Bundle – $60

All of these items can be found on our Products Page.