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The Faceless Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Your friend is lost in the woods. All you've got to go on is a magic compass and your intuition to go on to find him. That's what you'll be doing in The Faceless, a new board game from Alter Ego Games that's up on Kickstarter. It's a cooperative affair where you'll move around a map and alter the direction of the magical compass as you go. That's because your characters will have special magnets in their bases that will cause the compass to move and spin as you go.

From the campaign:

The Faceless is a game with a never seen before mechanic: you move indirectly a compass through the movement and rotation of the miniatures on the gameboard. Every time you move one, you will influence the magnetic field generated, thus indirectly changing the direction where the compass is pointing to. At each step of the compass, the direction of the needle can potentially change forcing you to move on new directions. Learning to control and predict these movements is vital to succeed in the Duskworld!

The campaign's closing in on 4x funded with still 22 days left to go.