The Faceless Board Game Coming To Kickstarter Soon

It’s always interesting to see what sort of new mechanics and innovations will be had in the gaming industry. Alter Ego Games has been working on a new cooperative board game called The Faceless. In it, players will take on the role of children caught in a nightmarish world. Using a magical compass, they will look for their friend Ethan, as well as for a way to escape. Thing is, the compass actually works and will change its facing based on the magnets that are in the bases of the figures. The game will be coming to Kickstarter on April 13th.

From the website:

Enter the creepy world of The Faceless, a place where a dark entity has been trapping children for centuries, erasing their identities to utterly drain their souls.

A compass and a few magnets held by other captured children are the only tools you can use to find your missing friend, Ethan.

You are a group of children that have found a magic compass. This item will help you descending on the Decaying World and find the lost memories of Ethan, the last kid missing from Little Hope.

But the compass is pointing in all sorts of directions and only with the help of the missing kids from the past you can retrieve all the memories and save Ethan.