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The Evoker's Path, fantasy RPG supplement for Pathfinder and dungeon terrain Kickstarter running now

The Evoker's Path is a terrain and fantasy RPG supplement for Pathfinder that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter now.


From the campaign:

The Evoker’s Path is a trilogy of adventures for use in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or compatible fantasy RPG's. Each adventure will be approx. 20-25 pages of core content, along with additional character information, background story, terrain maps, etc. We anticipate the final product to be between 85-100+ pages when completed.

Our Intent: This story line will add intrigue and adventure to the worlds you create. We do not intend this adventure path be a full-fledged campaign, rather an easily insert-able part of your world. We are specifically designing the towns, characters, and creatures to easily be embraced into a larger world of your own choosing or design.