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The Esoteric Order of Gamers reviews Dead of Winter

The Esoteric Order of Gamers posted up a review article for Plaid Hat Game's Dead of Winter.
Actually, the weather's not so bad here today.


From the article:

No. Please no. Not zombies again. NOT ZOMBIES AGGGGAAAAAIIIIINNNNNN!!!!!! Such is the cry you’ll hear, torn from the throats of gamers the world over every time they check Boardgamegeek and see another zombie game. NO MORE ZOMBIES! Truly, this is a genre which has been done to (living) death. Not only has it been raked over a million times, but most of the games follow the same tired old sequence—search for items, kit up, shoot zombies, find the chopper, get out alive. Surely Plaid Hat Games couldn’t have pasted these tired tropes on their latest release. Please tell me they haven’t made just another zombie game?