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The enemy has been spotted

Ludus Magnus Studio is showing off artwork for one of the bosses for Nova Aetas in this preview.


From them to you:

Hello to all!
Today we present the concept art of Iacopo Adoaldi, mercenary captain.
Youngest son of one of the most powerful venetian families, having no hope of an inheritance, being the last of four brothers, he built his fortune by fighting hired by highest bidder, anyway, keeping his allegiance to his homeland, the Republic of Venice .

His fighting style favors agility with a superlative style acquired through years of training and that does not require heavy armor.

Its free company is famous throughout the italian peninsula for the many victories and the unorthodox methods adopted thanks to the tactical acumen of Iacopo.

All this (coupled with his irresistible charisma and charm...specially for ladies), makes Iacopo Adoaldi one of the most dangerous opponents that the heroes of Nova Aetas will face in the course of their adventures...