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The Endless Blue RPG Campaign Setting begins at Kickstarter

Off The Cuffe Productions has put their Endless Blue RPG campaign world up on Kickstarter and is looking for funding.

From the campaign:

William James Cuffe has decided its time to take his D20/Pathfinder setting, ENDLESS BLUE, and have it printed! ENDLESS BLUE is a fantasy RPG setting based completely underwater, with no ships sailing above, and no civilized life on land. Choose from one of nine playable character races, select a profession such as Packbreeder, Versesinger, or other, and explore a world that was built from the ocean floor up. Will you be a predator, or will you become prey?

Years have been put into creating the setting in such a believable way, you would swear it would work that way for real! Help us make the book a reality as well! Please spread the word, and hopefully you’ll like what you see enough to donate!