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The End of Painting Buddha

Painting Buddha has updated their website and store and so has been reborn, as a Buddhist would do, into a form closer to Nirvana.



From the announcement:

Painting Buddha is dead.

Their shop is dead.
Their blog is dead.


OK, truth be told, Painting Buddha is not dead at all! In fact they are doing just fine.

But exactly one year after their release of their infamous 'Season 1.1 - Target Identified' a lot has changed: New Shop, new blog - just MOAR.

In celebration of their opening of the new shlog, Painting Buddha has put up the last 42 of each of the long-sold-out bundles, the 135€ 'Mega-Box' and the 84€ 'Supporter Box'.

Once these are gone, it is the End of Season 1.1 - it will not be re-released. This is the proverbial it.

"Season 1.2 - Freehands and Banners" as well as "Season 1.3 - Basing Alchemy 1: Earth" are also out now! 5 DVDs by the winner of 7 combined Slayer Swords and countless international awards: Stephan "Derwish" Rath, Ben "White Rabbit" Komets and Matt Cexwish .