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The Emperor Comes to X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games is soon to release their Imperial Raider expansion pack. In it, you get the new Raider Corvette ship, a new TIE Advanced, and a whole mess of upgrade cards. There's ship titles, weapons, special abilities, and crew. Let's take a look at one new crew member in particular. Sometimes you get a new copilot or a new gunner or new technician or so forth. This time, however, you get a wrinkly old man who just so happens to be able to shoot lightning from his hands and move things with his mind. Yeah, this time we get Emperor Palpatine.


Being the Emperor and all, Palpatine never goes anywhere alone. His retinue of guards and advisers is never far. As such, he takes up two spots on a ship. This limits him to the larger ships that can be fielded. Granted, those ships are generally a bit more protected from enemy attacks, so that's good. As for abilities, he just has one, but it's a pretty good one. Once per round, you can change a single friendly ship's single die result to another result, anywhere on the field. That result can't be further modified. You could see this as the Emperor's control over the Dark Side of the Force. Or you could see it as, "Crap! The Emperor's right there! I'd better not screw this up or I'm gonna get my butt zapped!" Either way, it's a rather powerful ability and will certainly see lots of use on the board.