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The Elves of Uteria RPG sourcebook for Pathfinder up on Kickstarter

The Elves of Uteria, a Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook, is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Lone Wanderer Entertainment, in association with Aradani Studios, Inc, announces the launch of the Kickstarter for the book, The Elves of Uteria.

Written by Michael Bielaczyc and Dane Clark Collins, the Elves of Uteria is a sourcebook featuring a new look at elven cultures, based in the original World of Uteria.

Artists in the book include: Adam Baker, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Larry Elmore, Sarah Frary, Melissa Gay, and Aaron B Miller

What is in the book?

The Elves of Uteria is a story heavy source book featuring an original re-imagining of fantasy elves. The book will be at least 100 pages with plenty of art, fiction and gaming material.

Dane and I were always in love with RPGs with a strong story. When we first started planning to launch our own books, we decided early on that story would come first, and the rules would work around the stories.

The Elves of Uteria is told through the eyes of Jarin Plainswalker, as Druid from the Western Council who was tasked with re-establishing contact with the elves of the world. The five different cultures of the elves are explored, as well as the elflings, who are the fey cousins of the elves.

Jarin keeps records of the places he goes, so the book will include maps of Uteria, the towns and pathways he uses, and the creatures he encounters.