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The Duke on Kickstarter reaches funding goal and puts up stretch goal

The Duke reached their funding goal (Yay!) and with still 8 days to go, they've got a stretch goal to reach for.

From the campaign:

So not only did the Kickstarter community hep us meet our campaign goal, they blew by it by over $1,000 before we could get our stretch goal update ready. Nice work, and thanks to everyone who reposted news and sent us so much support!

So, what next? Well, apparently that would be STRETCH GOALS.

Now a great deal of The Duke is already upgradable. We have nice cloth bags in the standard game, and leather pouches as an upgrade. The leather playing surface upgrade. A nice box that will be done. We are looking into ways to improve both the standard and upgrade levels, but in the meantime we wanted to add something fun to the game that we hadn't thought we would get to in this edition of The Duke. Two new tiles! THE DRAGON and THE DUCHESS.

The Dragon's basic format is show below, but we are still working on final attack and movement postures. The Dragon will be a single tile, like the mountain, but much more active. He can turn and attack anyone who strays too close, and a truly daring player might find a way to rouse him and send him into the enemy formations, with terrible consequences. At $20,000 we will add the Dragon to all games! Kickstarters will get theirs in an exclusive, limited edition color-stained tile as well!

The Duchess has one side shown below in what we believe will be her final form. She is a much more standard piece, with one copy for each side. The Duchess will likely have no power to move forward on her own, which we think is novel. However, she has a likely knack for getting other pieces where they need to be, as can be seen with her wide-spread Command ability. We also see her as a method by which a player can get their Duke out of immediate danger. At $25,000 The Duchess will be added to the games, and just maybe Kickstarters will see an exclusive (and more dangerous) edition of The Duchess.

We hope you are all still excited to see The Duke moving into production. We certainly are. We have a few more ideas to help the campaign reach these stretch goals, as well, so keep an eye out for future updates and more great additions.