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The Duke makes it past $22k on Kickstarter

The Duke has made it through a couple stretch goals over on Kickstarter. Let's see what they've got coming next, shal we?

From the update:

In order to assist Kickstarters in reaching the DUCHESS stretch goal, we're giving The Duke a spin en francais and bringing you the Musketeers Customization Pack. This is a seven tile limited edition set that allows you to change-up the game now and then, and may lead to a number of fun mini-games using these and other pieces. This limited edition upgrade is only available with physical editions of the game. The upgrade cost is $15, and includes shipping.

Only a limited number of these sets will be created. Each Musketeer Pack comes with the four Musketeers (three, plus D'Artagnon, of course) to play on the light side, and Richlieu, DeWinter and Rochforte for the dark tiles. These are promotion/support pieces and will NOT be included in the regular edition of the game. PLUS, we will, of course, add a little something extra for the Kickstarters, who get first shot at this customization pack! This is in design and testing still, but currently D'Artagnon and Dewinter will have one additional effect. As we finish the design, we'll give you new looks as the week progresses.