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The Driftwood Verses Campaign Setting Up On Kickstarter

I love a good, unique setting for a game book. This isn't one you see very often. It's a gloomy, nautical fantasy realm called The Driftwood Verses. Don't go all, "Aye, mehearties!" on me, as that's not really what's going on. They describe it as something out of Melville's Nantucket mixed with a soundtrack by Tom Waits (I love Tom Waits).

The focus of the book is on a region called Walfismeer. Your usual fantasy tropes have been changed to fit the setting better. Such as meerfolk sinking hymns to Leviathan. A mystical psychic barrier called The Reef. Mariners pilot tentacle-powered ships in a poisonous sea. It's designed to work with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but can easily be adapted to whatever system you might be using.

The campaign has made it up and over their funding goal. So it's on through stretch goals for the next 22 days.