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The Dragon Forge Deal ends soon

Dragon Forge Design will soon be ending their Dragon Forge Deal. From their announcement:
Today I am announcing I have decided to end the program I call the Dragon Forge Deal. It will end on May 15,2011. I started it 2 years ago to reward people for purchasing my product in larger volume. A little extras bonus you could say. In this time I have given away thousand's of dollars worth of free product. As Dragon Forge Design has grown over the last two years the Dragon Forge Deal has been a great deal for people to build their Armys and collections. But over the last year, I have had to deal with things like two 10% price increases in all my materials, utilities and shipping costs. All of which I have absorbed into my profits with out increasing my prices to you the customer. I wish to hold my prices still where they are or at least only raise prices on a couple of my larger items but I need to cut some costs also. So I have decided its time to end The Dragon Forge Deal. But don't fear, I will still be doing special promotions and give aways to give you the customer the best deal possible that I can. More detail on new promotions will come out on June 6, 2011 So Stay tuned and until May 15, take advantage of the remaining time for The deal. Any questions feel free to email me at