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The Dead Gulch Pathfinder-Compatible Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Ferryport has had a problem with plagues lately. As people drop dead, the survivors have to deal with them somehow. One solution has been to take them and toss them into the canyon at the edge of town. This place has been now dubbed "Dead Gulch" (no word on if Blackwater Gulch is downstream). Lord Resly, a very powerful an influential townsperson has suddenly gone missing, and many fingers are pointing to Silas Monta, another prominent person in town. Silas has hired the party to clear his name and find out what happened Lord Resly. To make matters more interesting, there's a traveling circus that's recently visited town. Will your party be able to solve the mystery?

The Dead Gulch is a Pathfiner-compatible adventure that's designed to be played by 4-6 characters of about 2nd level. The adventure is the 2nd part of the Ferryport Adventures series, and is set in the world of Uteria. The layout of the campaign is designed that players can explore it in whatever order they want, instead of forcing them all aboard the DM Railroad to adventure.

The campaign is up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding. It's set to run for another 24 days.