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The D6 Generation Podcast ep. 138: Firestorm Armada 2.0 Detailed Review

The D6 Generation has posted episode 138 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

When we discovered that Christopher Weuve was not only a former Naval Warfare college professor and a gamer, but also an expert on alien spacecraft...we just HAD to get him on the show. Imaging our excitement when he also managed to reach out and squeeze Chris Carlon, one of the minds behind the classic game "Harpoon," into the third chair as well! The D6G takes to the sea!

Up first: Naval Mulling Mechanics: We tackle what kind of key mechanics you really want to see in a naval combat game if you really want to emulate the challenges of naval combat.

Later we jump into a detailed review of Firestorm Armada second edition. Does it have what it takes to get naval experts excited about this kind of space combat game?

And as a bonus: The My Little Pony collectible card game is out! Total Fan Girl chats with a very special guest about how the game plays and why it is fun.

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:

- Total Fan Girl
- Do You Ever Notice
- The Hollywood Minute
- News
- & More