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The D6 Generation Podcast: Battletech Primer & Deathwatch Play by Mob

The latest episode of The D6 Generation Podcast talks BattleTech and Deathwatch. From their announcement:
A very special epsiode of the D6 Generation in which we've recorded several segments in front of a live audience at GenCon 2011. After a 'live' Rapid Fire we have an audience participation "Achivements in Gaming" in which folks at GenCon let us know what is hot this year. Then Craig runs a Deathwatch live "Play by Mob" with groups of the audidence representing different Space Marines. How does it turn out? Listen and see. Finally, we're back in the 'studio' and discuss how to get started with Battletech. There are a lot of options. What comes in the starter box and what are the next steps? Oh, and don't miss the Hollywood minute this time around as Raef & Crew continue with part two of their comic book talk.