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The D6 Generation ep. 103: Plaid Hat Origins & Boardgame Breakout

The D6 Generation now has episode 103 available for your listening pleasure up on their website. In this episode:

Colby Dauch joins Craig and Russ in the third chair. Colby is the man under the hat at Plaid Hat Games, bringing out hit titles like Summoner Wars and Dungeon Run.

In this episode the group discuss the recent "Board Game Breakout." Board games seem to be appearing in more and more places. Are they going main stream? Why now?

But first, since we've got Colby on the show we thougt it would be great to get the "Plaid Hat Games Origin Story." How did Colby get is start in game design and where did Summoner Wars come from?

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:
- Total Fan Girl
- Do You Ever Notice
- When you wish upon a game
- & More