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The Curse of Dead Man's Hand Available For Pre-Order

Great Escape Games has started taking pre-orders for The Curse of Dead Man's Hand, the next expansion for Dead Man's Hand. The set includes four new gangs: The Baron, The Seven, the Mountain Men, and The Malevolent Seven. Sounds like a right nasty group of ruffians.

From the announcement:

Available for pre-order from Great Escape Games.

Get together anybody you can, time to put petty rivalries aside and stand together against an enemy who shows no mercy, who will take it all and leave you with nothing, not even your soul.

The Curse of Dead Man's Hand is the latest expansion for Dead Man's Hand and features four new gangs: The Baron, The Seven, Mountain Men and The Malevolent Seven.

The book also details Ungodly Creatures, such as Wendigo, Corpse Carrion, Dread Wolves and the Storm Crow and includes a narrative campaign to drive The Baron from Dead Man's Hand.

Included is a deck of cards to add to your DMH deck and covering the four new gangs.