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The Crystal Brush painting contest has a new category for 2012

The Crystal Brush painting competition is always trying to push the bounds of what their contestants can do. With that, they've got a new category for 2012.

From the Crystal Brush:

Crystal Brush is right around the corner, and we are so excited to see all of the entries in the various categories being supported this year…many of which by our esteemed Sponsors. Some of these categories are specific to a company’s products, but one category – a new one for 2012 – is sponsored by a well known company in the gaming industry that does not sell miniatures at all. Battle Foam.

Supporting the Crystal Brush 2012 at a Diamond Level, Battle Foam brings a new category to our contest: The “Tell Me a Story” Category.

As explained by Romeo Filip, the “main man” over at Battle Foam, the category covers miniatures that use some kind of special effect to make it pop to life and, as the name suggests, tell a story about this miniature. Using special effects like electronics to create moving parts or lighting effects, painted effects such as source lighting, sculpted effects such as weapon fire, spell effects, or even injuries; these are what Romeo will be looking for.

Romeo will be serving as the special guest judge for the category, and he has this to say to the contestants:

“We firmly believe in storytelling. We believe that miniatures can tell a tale as well as anything else and we want to see what kind of stories you can tell. Bring us your best!”

So…bring out your best story-given-form and try and be the first winner ever in this new and fantastic category from Battle Foam!