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The Chronicles of Arborell Release The Dark Water Omnibus

The Chronicles of Arborell has released their The Dark Water Omnibus (I love that word) over on their website.

From the announcement:

Release of The Dark Water Omnibus from the Chronicles of Arborell is pleased to announce the release of The Dark Water Omnibus, a compilation edition of ten micro-gamebook adventures from the Chronicles of Arborell. This PDF edition includes four new adventures plus six micro-gamebooks previously available from the Chronicles as individual downloads.

These two-page solitaire adventures present stories and events taken from the long history of Arborell, each a fantasy adventure requiring only a pen, two six-sided dice and a printed copy of the adventure to play. All are free to download and designed to be used with a minimum of gaming materials. Each varies in length from 20 minutes to an hour to complete.

The Dark Water Omnibus includes:

- The Gaelwch
- Assault on Nem'haleen
- The Watchtower
- Alwen's Run
- A Slave's Vengeance – Act One
- A Slave's Vengeance – Act Two
- The Ghosts of Allan'duril
- Aggeron's Hammer
- The Secret of Clavette's Keep
- The Capture of Vallen'diil

All of these adventures are also available as individual downloads and can be found at the download page at the Chronicles of Arborell website.