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The Cardboard Jungle posts a revew of Kingdoms form Black Locust Games

The Cardboard Jungle has posted up their review of Kingdom, the new tactical card game from Black Locust Games.


From the review:

Two factions rival one another, each fighting for a purpose, ready to wage war against one another. The Archangels, angelic beings of light, fight for tranquility and all that is just. The Fallen Angels, angelic beings of darkness, wreaking havoc with great evil. Both factions rely on the elements, including their angelic abilities to achieve victory and defense in battle. Both forms of angels may even come to reach Earth, influencing it’s inhabits for the necessity of special benefits. Both factions will stop at nothing to defeat the other by way of invasion of one’s homeland. If the archangels succeed in the invasion of the realm of darkness, all may find peace. If the Fallen Angels succeed in the invasion of the realm of light, all may suffer in misery. The question is where will you stand when choosing your Kingdom?