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The Campaigner magazine Issue #5 now available

The Campaigner has issue #5 of their magazine now available to download over on their website.


In this issue:

Issue 5 of The Campaigner magazine was released today.
This issue we take a look at the recent PAX Aus 2013 and explore what the event had on offer. We also look at some of the panels and see what hobbyists and parents would have found the most useful. Owen Top and Grot Bag talk to use about the blog, Terrain For Hippos, and what inspired them to work together on creating terrain. Worlds of Roleplay returns with a new adventure, this time chronicling how author Foti Pitrikkos handled his first game of D&D. Discover the growing community of Oldhammer, what this means and some of the websites behind it. Tom Rolland talks to John R Vosovic about his game THON, and what the future holds for it. Gamer Dad is commandeered this issue by Thomas Foss, who looks at the issue of involving Gamer Kids in the hobby. And he gives us the rules to a naval battle game! All this plus Featured Hobbyist Greg Johnson, opinion articles and news.