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The Campaigner Issue 6 now available

The Campaigner has posted issue 6 of their magazine up online for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Beware, the animals are on the loose! Issue 6 of The Campaigner is now available for free download or print-on-demand purchase from Magcloud.

This issue we look at the card game NinjitZoo, and talk with the creators at Blue Room about how they helped a group of ninja animals escape to freedom. We also talk to Andrew Sum, the developer behind Dungeon Dashers, and find out what it takes to get four adventurers fighting monsters and avoiding traps in a digital dungeon. Worlds of Roleplay continues as Foti Pitrikkos recounts his encounter with the Chain Devil. This issue Gamer Dad looks at how children think, and how understanding this can help you to better engage your Gamer Kids. Owen Top weighs in on terrain, and discusses how to get building in the first Terrain Crusade. All this plus Featured Hobbyist Sam Phillips, Industry Insight, opinion articles, news and much more.