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The Campaigner Issue 4 released

The Campaigner now has Issue #4 of their magazine up online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

In this issue:

The latest issue of The Campaigner, Issue 04, releases today. And it is our largest issue to date. So what are we offering this time around?

This issue we look at Wooden Wars, the game of strategic battles fought on your floor. We talk to creator Thomas Foss about the development of the game, the unique playing pieces, and how to design a game that both children and adults can enjoy and find challenging. Kent Fury chats with us about the new Podhammer, and what it hopes to accomplish after a two year absence. IOS games developer Rodeo Games takes us through pitching and developing their latest game, Warhammer Quest. We learn a little about translating a game to a digital environment, and what it is like working with Games Workshop on one of its properties. Gamer Dad returns for another round, this time talking about the types of games you can introduce your Gamer Kid to, and what lessons they can teach. There is also a look at the Old Reynella Festival of History, with photographs of historical re-enactments as well as some of the tabletop wargames on offer. Ever wondered where your miniatures come from? James Tiffin from Flashpoint Miniatures explains the miniature production process, and some of the technical consideration this entails.

All this, plus Worlds of Roleplay, the usual news and opinion pieces, as well as this issues Featured Hobbyist Tony Hamill.